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solo performance · street chameleon productions · Ages 15+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

In this one-man show Evan "Bullet" James shares his arduous journey from dying a cocaine death in a gas station bathroom to redemption with a purpose - "No matter how far down the scale in life I have gone...I now see how those experiences may benefit others".
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ensemble theatre · actors circle ensemble · Ages 15+ · United States

What would you do if you had to kill for survival? This is the question that two lone prisoners must face in an isolated cell in the not too distant future. "Experiment" was recently performed at South Coast Repertory's SRCramble Series and the LA Examiner called it "Riveting!"
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solo performance · akka productions · Ages 10+ · family friendly · one person show · United States

A young woman named Chocolate, alone in the sacredness of her room sheds the secrets of her soul and encounters her inhibitions. She speaks to those that she fears wouldn’t listen. Here, in her room, she embarks on a timeless journey challenging the notions of authenticity of Blackness.
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ensemble theatre · theatre before saddle · Ages 6+ · family friendly · United States

Brilliant Traces, by Cindy Lou Johnson, is a play about a woman who finds herself at the doorstep of a reclusive young man in the middle of the Alaskan Wilderness, just days after she was supposed to be married. Starring Riley Rose Critchlow, Clay Elliott and directed by Nick Zayas.
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cabaret & variety · david gabbay · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

Final show tonight (Saturday) at 10pm. An evening of up close magic that will leave you astonished. Come out this evening for a final special performance of "Wonderlust"
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ensemble theatre · moving arts · Ages 17+ · United States

In Trey Nichols' explosive one-act play, fantasy and reality collide with deadly force. Moe and Eddie are buddies watching their sons playing football...or are they? Something weird is gurgling underneath this portrait of the American Dream. Be careful which side you root for.
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ensemble theatre · bayou playhouse & flambeaux productions · Ages 14+ · family friendly · United States

The mayor of New Orleans proposed celebrating Hurricane Katrina's first anniversary with a comedy hour. Could he have meant "Comedy" in the classic sense? Through the words of five New Orleanians, experience the heartbreak, humanity, and yes, Comedy of those who rode out the storm.


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Paris Syndrome

A 3934 m 928579

A divorced man finds the only way over heartache is to blame the romance-mongers in Paris and sets off on an journey of self-rediscovery… sort of. He kinda just wants to find the lock he and his ex-wife put on that bridge in Paris and cut it off.