Lovin' Chocolate

solo performance · akka productions · Ages 10+ · United States

family friendly one person show

Lovin’ Chocolate is a One Woman Play that uses dance, poetic verse and music to challenge the notions of the authenticity of Blackness.

After Kelley received her “Masters in Theater” at East 15 Acting School in London she decided to pursue a passion for activism in artistry. “Lovin’ Chocolate” is a self-devised play that addresses the question she struggled with her entire life . . . “What is Blackness?”

Play premise: What if you were alone in your room, where
no one could hear you, no one could see you?
What would you say? Who would you
muster up the strength to talk to?
A young woman named Chocolate, alone in
the sacredness of her room sheds the secrets
of her soul and encounters her inhibitions.
She speaks to those that she fears wouldn’t
listen. She cries out to them.
Here, in her room, she embarks on a
timeless journey challenging the notions
of authenticity of Blackness

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran