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Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean – a high tech vacuum that worth your attention

Vacuum cleaners are gradually becoming a tool to assist in cleaning the living space chosen by many people. Owning a vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier and faster. So, you can save time for other tasks while still ensuring the space is freshen every day and minimize health risks. But in a market with so many choices, it also becomes more difficult to choose one. If you are looking for a long-term investment in a high-tech vacuum, why not try Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean – a great machine that challenges all surfaces.

Handy design

Shark apex vacuum cleaner is structured like a corded stick vacuum and comes with a convenient lift away mode. Normally, we can use the machine as a normal stick vacuum machine. It is not too heavy like an upright and the suction head is not too bulky, so it can be easily moved to hard-to-reach spaces like under chairs and beds. When you want to clean the upper spaces or the interior of the house, you can switch to lift away mode and turn the machine into a handheld vacuum.

There are two types of lift away mode: powered lift away and non-powered lift away. Users often do not pay attention to this. Therefore, they may make mistakes when buying a device. If it is a non-powered lift away vacuum, the suction power of the machine will be significantly reduced compared to the original mode. Fortunately, the Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean is powered. Which means that even when switching, the suction power of the machine remains the same, allowing you to clean effectively in both forms.

Strong suction power

When talking about designs like stick vacuum or handheld vacuum, customers often think that these types of machines will have weak suction and are difficult to meet all cleaning needs. However, this machine can break that stereotype. As Shark apex uplight review, it features hypervelocity accelerated suction. Basically, they make a lot of interior airflow paths and more stream lines. Therefore, they offer more power suction than others of the same size. The suction power of this machine is 30% stronger than its brother Shark rocket zero M. There are many other corded machines on the market that can compare, but compared to cordless vacuum cleaners on the market, this machine will certainly be far ahead. It can suck all kinds of hair, dust, debris quickly in just one single forward pass.

Duoclean technology

Duoclean technology is a technique that Shark has included in many current models. This is the most amazing invention released recently. It is designed with a soft roller up front and a standard brush roll behind that. The reason this design is considered optimal is that it can suck up most things quickly, from huge amounts of stuff to fine dust. At the same time, it also works well on all surfaces like hardwood floors to carpets. It can be said that Duoclean roller is the best floor head technology on the market today and the fact that Shark apex vacuum cleaner owns this technology is a big plus.

Final thoughts

Thanks to the preeminent advantages of the machine, it can be said that Shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean is a worthwhile long-term investment. With excellent suction power in all forms, along with Shark’s most advanced technologies, this machine deserves to be one of the best vacuum cleaners to own.