Desiree Marisol Carcamo

Desiree Marisol Carcamo (they/she) is an astrology-obsessed Gen Z and very superstitious scientist once raised in a haunted house that used to be owned by devil worshippers. They tell emotionally honest stories for quirky, existential, and paradoxical people. Raised by their savvy, overprotective single-mother and their grandmother, a carwasher who hustled to feed five kids in LA during the 80s, Desiree is inspired by strong, smart, jaded, and loving women. Once a closeted queer in a toxic, conservative So-Cal Christian high school, they are now an openly queer Mexican-Salvadoran-American writer-director, performer, and researcher from the hoods of South Central LA and the suburbs of the Inland Empire.


Desiree wrote and directed the world premiere of their debut play, EL PASO, at the Zephyr Theater as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival (2023). Their early career has been developed through the CBS Leadership Pipeline Challenge (2022), the Disney-NHMC Series Writer program (2021), and winning NBCUniversal and Nosotros’ Ya Tu Sabes! Monolog Slam (2020) and Open Screenplay’s and M-Film Lab’s Latinx Lab (2022-23). Carcamo interned in film and TV development at Charles King’s MACRO and spent a year PA’ing for an Oscar winning production designer, Emmy nominated costumer, and horror director king. They earned their masters-bachelors of bioengineering at University of California Riverside.