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Free Show Multi-Lingual Performance world premiere

FREE ADMISSION” “FROM TOKYO” Tokyo’s Highly Anticipated Girls Sword Action Stage Play Makes Its Debut at the Hollywood Fringe Festival! Rena Kaneta & Hiroshi Hosokawa’s 「THE GUARDIANS OF WONDER」 Produced by ALICE IN PROJECT McCadden Theatre 1157 N. McCadden Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90038 Saturday June 3 – 8:00 PM Sunday June 4 – 7:30 PM Friday June 9 – 6:00 PM Saturday June 10 – 9:30 PM STORY A timid girl named 【Miko】 finds herself lost in a different world after being noticed by a mysterious being named 【Rei】. With the help of the righteous warriors, 【Hana】 and 【Sora】, who reside in this world, Miko’s adventure begins. “I’m just…” “You’re a special person.” “I’m shy and I’m not brave.” “You’re a delicate and pure child, and I’ll watch over you.” Will Miko confront and overcome her weaknesses? What is Rei’s goal? Will Miko be able to return to reality? CAST Rena Kaneta Emika Kamieda Shio Yamazaki Stella Takasegawa Mizuki Kimura STAFF Original Work/Sword Fighting: Rena Kaneta Director: Hiroshi Hosokawa Lighting: Daisuke Sakakibara Muasic: Yuzuru Jinma Video/Sound Effects: Kaworu Asakusa Photography: Kentaro Yamagishi Translation: Kei Minobe Production: Hiroaki Hokoki Promoter: Risa Light Publicity: Bertha Rodriguez Production:Masahiro Suzuki Matthew Quinn Hollywood Fringe Festival (HFF) is the world’s most famous theater festival held in Los Angeles, USA. We are honored to be able to participate in this great festival. At this festival, we would like to perform Japanese-subcultural style – ’ live action and entertainment with a taste of anime, comics, and games. Alice in Project participated in the 2021 HFF online and was nominated for the Overseas Performance Award and received great acclaim. The cast consists of five Japanese female cast members who are beautifully dressed in Japanese traditional costumes as well as contemporary costumes. Using three-dimensional sword action, projector images, and sound effects, they will perform a powerful stage show amazing the audience with their well choreographed sword action and dance. The 30-minute show will be followed by an audience-participation sword demonstration workshop. - Notice to customers. After the stage show, we were planning to hold a sword workshop with audience participation, but this has been changed to a stage commentary, talk show, and networking event. We apologize for the content change. - This production crosses international borders. The show will surprise and entertain audiences and critics alike. We hope that you will all come and enjoy this female based show at HFF! Warning: the show uses swords and guns during the performance.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran