Masahiro Suzuki

I am producer of japanese thaterical company “alicein project” from japan.


Alicein Project is a theater company that produces theatre shows only running by young actresses or girl idols. In collaboration with the local people all around Japan, we provide the
opportunities for the local actors to appear on the stage. We’ve been mainly making science fiction drama works. We are looking for the partners who would like to cooperate with for us in creating new works.

About Alicein Project
Alicein Project was founded in 2010.
Japanese culture involving video games, animations, and comics accompanies us to grow. It is also the source of our creations and influences our work. Our work is focused on costume drama, martial arts, science fiction, suspense, and horror for our audiences.

Japan has a unique idol culture, where idols singing and dance on stage. They continued gaining performance experience to help them grow, but a successful idol activity is not their final goal. Most of the idols also move towards becoming professional actresses at the same time. We would like to provide a chance for those idols who have never participated in stage performances to develop their new potential.

By performing on stage idols have the opportunity to work with experienced actors to enhance their acting skills. Moreover, the enthusiasm can also bring the motivation.

Alicein Project would like to provide a road of professional actresses for the idols and help their dreams come true.