Texas Hellfire

Solo Show · written, performed & produced by katharine everett | directed by lauren weedman · Ages 13+ · United States of America

Content Warning one person show
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COURTNEY CLEVELAND certified reviewer July 14, 2023
Katherine's performance was simply outstanding. I was drawn in and completely captivated by her experience with grief through all the characters she created. I honestly never wanted it to be over. I hope she keeps developing the show because there is so much more I want to see of her story!... full review
CAROLINE AZANO certified reviewer July 10, 2023
In Texas Hellfire, Katharine Everett explores grief, legacy, and what it means to go home through exquisite storytelling and rich character work. Everett pieces together who her brother was -- his impact on her life and his community -- through tender flashbacks and charming, unavoidable small-town run-ins, all while grappling with the emotional paralysis of an unexpected and horrific loss. The work shows us the ways -- whether they be joyful, painful, burdensome, or cathartic -- that someone stays with us after they're gone. ... full review
NELL TEARE certified reviewer July 10, 2023
tagged as: phenomenal
Grief is something that humans must experience in little ways every day. Unfortunately, some of us are ripped at the seams by the losses we suffer, but Katherine Everett has seemingly stitched herself together again with the utmost care and creative craftsmanship. I have never seen such keen excavation on stage, held in perfect time, to the beat of a sister’s broken heart. I believe we only understand the big things by truly knowing the little things, and in her play, “Texas Hellfire,” Katharine guides us to the ineffable. I hope that I will be able to wade into waters of this stunning performance again. Once would never be enough.... full review
DEREK PHILLIPS certified reviewer July 10, 2023
An overall fantastic performance. Katharine Everett was sensational. I’m not usually a fan of “one man shows” but Katharine hits it out of the park. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt performance. I laughed, I cried and was empowered by the indomitable nature of the human spirit. This is the reason we go to the theatre. ... full review
KRISTIN MALLEY certified reviewer July 10, 2023
We were absolutely blown away by this incredible show and the incredible performance by the one-of-a-kind talent of Katharine Everett. ... full review
NICOLE NEWMAN certified reviewer July 05, 2023
Great piece of theatre! While this was a professed work in progress, there is so much here to be lauded and praised. Well done, Katharine--you own your story, and thus the stage. I was captivated.... full review
ERIN DOYLE certified reviewer June 26, 2023
Texas Hellfire is deeply moving show that I can't get out of my head -- it's stayed with me for days. Katharine Everett is an absolute force on stage, switching between a range of characters with such empathy it's hard to believe she's the only one on stage. An absolute must see!!... full review
CHRIS KREBSBACH certified reviewer June 25, 2023
Katharine Everett is a powerhouse! Her writing is beautiful and poignant, her character work is impeccable and her willingness to let audiences into the painful experience of loss is brave, brave, brave. Bravo! If you missed it at Fringe, get your butt in a seat if you ever have a chance to see it.... full review
DARBY KENNERLY certified reviewer June 25, 2023
Personal, potent, hilarious, gut punching, and so human. A masterfully crafted one-woman show that lets you into the life of a woman experiencing and living with grief through the vast array of people she comes in contact with and then eventually her internal thoughts. Truly honored to have witnessed this performance.... full review
AMY CELLA certified reviewer June 25, 2023
The Texas Hellfire performance was captivating and compelling. Katharine's undeniable talent was evident. The experience felt like a personal invitation into a world filled with raw emotions and profound storytelling. I was moved to tears and brought to laughter. The technical aspects, seamlessly transitioning us between scenes and enhancing the narrative, were both effective and impressive. Katharine's ability to become different characters is an art, which she generously shared with us. How do I get tickets to the next Katharine Everett event?!... full review