Odyssey, Race and Racism.

Solo Show · jazz lion productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

Odyssey Race and Racism written by award winning playwright and actor Levy Lee Simon is an evening of storytelling, and spoken word monologues, centering on incidences of racism from his own life. Sad to say racism is as prominent now was it ever was. Levy Lee gives us snippets of how it has affected his own life. Born and raised in Harlem USA, Levy Lee shares his experiences as a “Manchild in the Promised Land,” to all Black Colleges to NYC of the 80 & 90s, to – Obama, life in Iowa City, Donald Trump, and into contemporary times where we are dealing with issues of police brutality and deadly viruses. The is a monumental moment for Levy Lee Simon as the veteran actor/writer has never performed a solo show live before. A version of this piece was live streamed in 2020 by the Whitefire Theatre and the comments about the show were… well here are a few of the quotes. CARRIE MADSEN – What an accomplishment! What a triumph! What expression of heart, and passion. Standing in my living room! CATHY LIND HAYESBRAVO!!!!!!! Extraordinary!!! So riveting, mesmerizing, fantastic!!!!!!!!!! The personal stories are so terrific, in their specifics they tell the whole story!!! I am still applauding and giving you a standing o!!! SMOKEY CAMPBELL – You stand as a survivor ….. KENNY KILMAK – Man!!!  Great piece and great performance.  I loved every minute…. You totally brought everything to life, and the stories were great.  Loved the poetry. I am so glad I didn’t miss this. Congratulations on a great evening of theatre!!! AUDRI PHILLIPS: Bravo. What an amazing storyteller. The stories were perfect, moving and bringing us along for the journey. I hope this LAUREN EVENSWOW! Exceptional!!!! You brought so much life to the stories… thoroughly enjoyed and wanted more. JEN LIBERMAN – Fabulous show! Congratulations. The opening spoken word. Your stories, the entire thing holy ****. I’m speechless. You know Levy Lee is going to be real, raw, dramatic, comedic, informative and educational. Original music and design by MARK BRUCKNER. Levy Lee says, “I wish to take you on an Odyssey of experiences that will illuminate what it means to live Black in America. Not that any one non-Black can ever really know but I can shed some light so one will understand better.”

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran