Take Me As I Am: A Joni Mitchell Tribute

rainee blake · Ages 21+ · Australia

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June 25, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

I loved the sound of this woman’s voice! I loved every single Joni Mitchell song I was treated to hearing her sing! I loved hearing bits and pieces of narrative about Joni’s life spread into the show and used as transitions between numbers1. I loved her use of different stringed instruments – the dulcimer needs more respect! And I loved being able to be transported away from some of the craziness of life for an hour, melting away listening to tunes that are, for lack of a better term, FABULOUS FOLK!

What I didn't like

Can’t think of one single thing…

My overall impression

Ever experienced the best toast of your life that is just the right about of golden brown, not burnt at all, has the right amount of crisp and is obviously your favorite bread on the planet? Got the visual image? Good.
Now, if you add the best butter in the world to that bread… you’d be pretty darn happy, right? Well, imagine that for you, butter isn’t quite enough to add… you need a little something extra, so you go all out and put that jelly or jam on there that was made at a state fair (cuz they have the best jam or jelly on the planet). Now and only now can you eat that toast. And even with this description, it doesn’t do justice to the fine “piece of toast” performance that I was treated to last night. It was, by far, the most satisfying, harmonious, melodic, and PURE vocal genius I’ve heard in a LONG time… bring on the TOAST to RAINEE BLAKE!!

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