Big Money

Drama · binc · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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REBEL ARENT certified reviewer June 05, 2023
An engaging balance of comedy and emotionally-affecting moments, this play presents a group of unique characters with a ceaselessly-entertaining dynamic wrestling with a morally-challenging—and amusing—problem. It will leave you with something to think about and a belly sore with laughter.... full review
CAROLINA RODRIGUEZ certified reviewer June 19, 2023
I was so blown away by this production! From the moment the cast walked on stage, I was transported. The performances were spot on, each character was dynamic and alive from the first. The show is brilliantly written and layered, and the direction is so clever and makes the play easy to take in. I will be thinking about the message of the show for weeks to come, and can't wait to see what these artists do next <3... full review
ZAY WARFIELD certified reviewer June 18, 2023
If you want a fringe show with a high production value, look no further. This piece plays as slick as the corporate-capitalists it centers around. ... full review
MICHAEL LYONS certified reviewer June 15, 2023
tagged as: politics · capitalism · emotional · Searing · funny · witty · sharp
A funny, sharp, and relevant skewering of American gun politics and the compartmentalization capitalism requires of us. I bursted out laughing several times, and was also made to sit with a gnawing in my gut, as I wondered what I would do in these characters' situation. A testament to the empathic writing and acting! ... full review
JOSIAH BLOUNT certified reviewer June 12, 2023
tagged as: Intelligent · unique · fresh · daring · wise · important · dark · funny · smart · witty
A brilliant and sharp commentary on morality, guns, violence, and capitalism. I loved how every character was clearly defined and specific. How their flaws and perspectives helped deepen the societal commentary without ever being heavy handed. Beautifully acted and funny while also disturbing in the way theater should be. The ad exec on coke especially cracked me up and the ending was a gut punch emotionally. COME SEE THIS SHOW!!! ... full review
MIRANDA PARHAM certified reviewer June 12, 2023
tagged as: timely · thoughtful · funny
All around EXCELLENT!... full review
TOM JACOBSON certified reviewer June 11, 2023
Very funny, fast-paced show with a serious and ominous message. Fun writing, excellent performances and top notch direction!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 11, 2023
tagged as: hilarious · fun · powerful · high octane · fast · brilliant
COME SEE THIS SHOW!!! It is hilarious and super fast paced with some very talented actresses and actors. The energy is so fantastic I was having a ball.... full review
LISA BEEBE certified reviewer June 10, 2023
Funny, feminist, and real.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 04, 2023
A very smart and darkly funny play with a fantastic ensemble. ... full review