Big Money

Drama · binc · Ages 13+ · United States of America

“If you get the woman, you get the whole family.”

In 2018, an NRA executive uttered these words on tape, giving voice to a rising movement in the gun industry: marketing to moms. From Instagram’s #glockermoms to the AR-15 toting preteens whose socials they run, there’s no question that there’s one statistic currently rising alongside the number of mass shootings per year: moms who own or want to own guns.

None of those moms or their kids are in the remote social radius of Felicity, Ximena, Jo, and Yasmin, the four competitive NYC advertising professionals who are brought in to fix their agency’s Guns for Moms pitch. However, by virtue of their unofficial status as the "DEI team,” they are the closest thing to moms available on a Thursday night. It’s their chance to quit selling tampons and land one of the biggest accounts their boutique company has seen so far – as long as they can do it in 12 hours with constant coke-fueled interruptions from their 25-year-old male boss (excuse me, leader).

They might have to compromise their values, deeply held beliefs, romantic relationships, friendships, families, eating habits, sleep schedules, promises to stop drinking, family members’ lives, etc., etc. etc, to get it done.

But that’s how you get Big Money.

Which is what we all want.


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