Solo Show · sour cherry productions · Ages 16+ · Australia

Content Warning world premiere

It’s 2008 and 13 year old Sarah is watching MTV when Katy Perry’s I Kissed A Girl comes on and her obsession with Katy begins. On a cloud of cotton candy, Cherry takes you on an intimate, bubblegum, pop journey from fangirl Sarah’s awkward teenager years, to discovering the power of Katy Perry’s music, to ultimately becoming a confident, bisexual woman, and on the way invites each one of us to embrace who we fully are. Cherry hilariously and insightfully celebrates the power of music to transform and enlighten in this one woman’s thank you card to her idol. “Sarah Carroll is a certified superstar. It feels very much as if you are reading someone’s diary or more accurately, their Tumblr blog from 2012” 4 STARS – Michelle Sutton, Theatre Travels “I died and went to Katy Perry heaven.” Weekend Notes “A playful, joyful journey; one young woman’s passage into adulthood with Katy Perry as an inspiration. The Fringe provides a perfect arena for a little bliss bomb like Cherry.” Paul Gilchrist, Theatre Red

Production Team

sarah carroll *

co-writer, performer, producer

nadia townsend *


* Fringe Veteran