Nick Pupo: Addicted

Comedy · nick pupo · Ages 18+ · United States of America

Content Warning Pay What You Can

This is a show that begs the question Can you still be the best man at your friend’s wedding if you were, without a doubt, the worst man in their life? 


Addicted is about young friendship and a curious teenager’s conflicting impulses to either keep a promise with his best friend or try every drug he can get his hands on. 


Nick and Charlie met when they were 5 years-old during a burping contest. Charlie loved to make promises, and Nick gave him his word whenever he asked. But keeping that word? That was a whole other matter. Some of the promises were small and insignificant, others would make or break their bond, but during this period of his life, he couldn’t tell the difference. 


Throughout this hour long story, Nick chronicles his life with tales of deceit, cowardice, shame, and, of course, heroin. He’s woven in dozens of polished jokes and nuanced characters, as he tries to reckon with his own addiction, the countless lies he’s told to everyone he loves, and the untimely death of a hamster named Jerry Maguire. 

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran