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world premiere

VERY loosely based on the characters and story of Les Misérables, LES MILLÉNNIABLES is a parody pop musical about the plight of the generation deemed “millennials." Written by two established (but sad) Hollywood female comedy writers of color in a desperate attempt to find joy by mocking millennial misery, LES MILLÉNNIABLES features the best “Now That’s What I Call…” pop songs from our bygone Millennial glory days. In our story, our millennial protagonist, Jean Valjean, must navigate a world where dreams are dashed and all efforts for success are thwarted by circumstance and student loan debt. Valjean must find a way to thrive whilst being relentlessly pursued by the ruthless debt collector and Boomer, Javert. The rest of the cast features characters representing elder millennials, zillennials, and the newest addition – Gen Z. It’s a multi-generational rebellion up here in France– err, Northridge, CA!

Won’t you join in our musical crusade against our millennial woes? Come hear the people sing — LES MILLÉNNIABLES.

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