The Rhythm of Mourning

Drama · bethesda repertory theatre · Ages 10+ · 90 mins · United States of America

world premiere

At its core, The Rhythm of Mourning transcends traditional theatre. It’s a heartfelt exploration of grief, healing, and the enduring human spirit with music and dance. The narrative follows a young woman grappling with a major loss. Seeking solace and a path forward, she immerses herself in her beloved dance space, discovering acceptance and hope amidst her pain. This new play is a creation that we believe speaks to the universal human experience of grief and resilience.

  • Thu June 6th at 8:30PM
  • Thu June 13th at 7:00PM
  • Sat June 15th at 4:30PM
  • Thu June 20th at 10:30PM
  • Sat June 22nd at 5:30PM

Content Advisory: This production contains strong language, sudden loud and disturbing noises, smoke, strobe effects, and intense thematic material depicting trauma, grief and suicide, that may be triggering and upsetting to viewers with sensitivities.

Late Arrivals will not be accommodated.

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Cast and Production Team

andrew galindo 

director and the void

zoë papia 

choreographer and the woman

mackenzie ogden 

choreographer and denial

wilson dizon 

assistant director and lighting designer

raul walder 


sophia lau 

standby for the woman

megan peck 


shelby mumford 

casting director

kelsey mumford 

costume designer

cj lazatin 

production stage manager

cj lazatin 

stage manager

* Fringe Veteran