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Content Warning

Oleanna by David Mamet follows the story of Carol, a student striving to understand her coursework in a college education class, and John, her professor who tries to help her succeed. Throughout the play, the power dynamic between Carol and John shifts dramatically as they engage in increasingly passionate debates about language, power, education and gender roles.

As the play opens, Carol is struggling in John’s class and comes to his office for a conference. John agrees to meet with her but is often distracted as they talk. As Carol and John discuss her progress in class, their conversation often derails due to misunderstandings, distractions and miscommunications. They struggle to connect and begin to challenge each other over the power dynamics of education, gender inequity and the effects of personal trauma.

In Act II it comes to light that Carol has filed a complaint against John, claiming that he has behaved inappropriately with her. John cannot understand the basis of the charges and requests another meeting. Their conversation is contentious and comes to a shocking conclusion.

Act III is a brief and searing final confrontation that spirals into rage and violence.

Oleanna, by master dramatist David Mamet, is a thought-provoking play that delves into the complex themes of language, power, trauma and gender inequality. It raises important questions about the way that these issues intersect and shape our relationships and personal interactions. At its heart, Oleanna is a story about the power dynamics that exist within our society, and how they can be manipulated and abused in order to gain an advantage. It is a compelling piece of theatre that will leave audiences thinking long after the curtain has fallen.

WARNING: Oleanna contains strong language and depictions of violence that some audience members may find traumatizing. Viewer discretion advised.

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