Is Krishna There? A Begum Akhtar Story

Solo Show · the fighting soprano productions · Ages 14+ · United States of America

Multi-Lingual Performance one person show world premiere

It is Diwali 1949 in Lucknow. Begum Akhtar, at once the most famous Bollywood star in all of India, has gone from illustrious star to diligent, dutiful housewife. She has been gone from the spotlight for eight years. On this Diwali, Begum has enlisted her mother to set up for puja. The play begins with a young Begum’s performance (approximately 10 years earlier). It is a large Bollywood performance. Harmonium on the stage and everything! The sound of the television turning off brings us to the modern day. As the night progresses, Ammi pressures Begun to return to music. She sees the spark leaving Begum’s eyes and her health slowly deteriorating. In an act of confession, Begum tells the story of how she quit music on her own terms. Through this, she thanks Ammi for all the sacrifices that she made for the two of them so that Begum could become the singer she grew up to be. You’ll have to see what happens next in June 2023.

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