The Nina Variations

ensemble theatre · will play for food theatre group · Ages 13+ · United States


“In Will Play for Food Theatre Group’s inaugural outing, Dietz’s series of 40-odd vignettes…registers with appealing vitality.

Their seamless interaction offsets the chief liability…and brings these vivid “Variations” to acute, moving, and memorable life."

-David C. Nichols, Backstage West

“Dietz’ script originally calls for two actors but in Marden’s piece there are 3 Nina’s and 3 Treplev’s present on the stage…powerfully adding to depth of relationship”

-Pami Malinova,

This funny, fast-paced, heartbreaking play takes two of Chekov’s iconic characters, locks them in a room, and doesn’t let them out. In 42 variations on their infamous final scene, Nina and Treplev pit their unmatched wit and fierce passions against one another in this masterful work by Steven Dietz.

Our production adds even more variety by splitting the roles of Nina and Treplev into three parts each, delving deeper into the exploration of love and loss, joy and heartbreak, hope and despair.

The Cast:
The Ninas: Marisa Persson, Shashona Brooks, Olivia Schlueter-Corey

The Treplevs: Mikie Beatty, Max Kleinman, Garrett Liggett

Directed by: Scott Marden

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