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TAYLOR COFFMAN certified reviewer June 15, 2012
SO FUN! don't miss it. I am a huge fan of action movies translated to the stage on low-budgets and this didn't disappoint. It knows EXACTLY what it is- and the camp is hilarious. Very funny performances make this smart and charming piece shine!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 21, 2012
This show is a fun way to spend 90 minutes. The first half is Jurassic Park and the second is Showgirls. It seemed that Jurassic Park was a bit more rehearsed and I think they probably could have just done that and the audience would have gone home completely happy. The star of Showgirls, Lindsay Wray does make the second half worth seeing, but the real treat of this show is Jurassic Park. Vocals are strong throughout the show and both shows were adapted well of this type of parody. ... full review