Mother Nature

grayson morris · Ages 15+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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ISABEL STOREY certified reviewer July 03, 2022
Well done, engaging solo show about our relationship with the natural world. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer July 02, 2022
tagged as: Beautiful · important · warm · funny
What a beautiful, heartfelt, creative, healing experience!... full review
EVAN MUI certified reviewer June 27, 2022
tagged as: lol · deep · immersive · fun · hilarious
The show was really enjoyable, entertaining, and immersive. It made you laugh, cry, sigh, and feel at the same time a readiness toward owning up to our own responsibility for what we contribute to the health of our planet as well as a disdain for humanity itself in its lack of consideration for the planet and itself in general. We love to be moved, laugh and feel deeply in the same sequence and MOTHERNATURE managed all of this and with a unique spin on our own humanity.... full review
LINDSEY FORD certified reviewer June 19, 2022
Grayson is inventive, witty and fun. You are eagerly anticipating the arrival of every next moment throughout the entire show.... full review
ALAN MICHNOFF certified reviewer June 17, 2022
tagged as: immersive · nature · shocking · clown · Comforting
Incredibly moving and immersive. I walked away feeling an odd combination of comforted and violently shaken. Grayson crafted a one woman show in which she is a spectacle, but gracefully gives the audience the attention and affection to feel like a star - a feeling that lingers beyond the confines of the theatre.... full review
VANESSA VAZQUEZ certified reviewer June 14, 2022
tagged as: clown · art · amazing · morris · Grayson · nature · mother · shadow · puppetry · funny · scary · deep · thoughtful · Beautiful
Truly groundbreaking work has been put into this. A format i've never seen before and thoroughly enjoyed. Grayson Morris is a visionary and I'd reckon you've not see a play like this ( for adults) ever before. I loved it so much, original work, using puppetry, shadow work, clown and the audience as characters was genius. ... full review
KATE HUFFMAN certified reviewer June 13, 2022
An incredibly worthwhile way to spend an evening. ... full review
GORDON STOTZ certified reviewer June 12, 2022
tagged as: immersive · poignant · funny
Wow! Blown away by how enjoyable and topical this show was!... full review
AMANDA DOLAN certified reviewer June 12, 2022
An immersive communal experience that will make you laugh, restore your faith in humanity and art ... full review
TOMMY DICKIE certified reviewer June 11, 2022
tagged as: refreshing · lovely · innovative
This was such an inventive and lovely show!! Grayson's relationship to the audience is both innovative and refreshing, making the show sort of a group hug, but not in an obnoxious way ;)... full review