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June 11, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: David Lynch · epic · operatic · outstanding · absurd

What I liked

I enjoyed every single second of this show. From beginning to end. I laughed my ass off at every tiny little reference to Lynch, and I was captivated endlessly by the marriage of all of Lynch’s stories into this fantastical, surreal, absurd, and twisted world that Michael has created. I especially adored their iterations of “In Heaven, Everything is Fine” and “Llorando”. What a nostalgic indulgence to get to hear those iconic soundtracks in the context of this show. Their use of the space, of their minimalist yet brilliant set (which told the story in many ways as well), was so so so creative. THOSE DANCERS WERE AMAZING!! Also, the actors were magnificent. Each entrancing in their own way, capturing the perfect blend of Lynch’s bizarre and over the top characters/ writing, and their true admiration for his work. This also goes for the writer/ director himself. This dude knows Lynch, loves Lynch, and wants to share that with the world. He did it for all of us Lynch fans.

What I didn't like

The smoke sometimes dominated the scenes and it was difficult to see the actors.

My overall impression

Fucking spectacular. This was one of the best things I’ve ever seen. A true labor of love for cinema, theatre, and music. I am, and I quote, “the biggest Lynch fan to have seen this show so far”, and as a Lynch fanatic, I am proud to say this show was better than most of Lynch’s films. It was made for me, perfectly and precisely. The acting was fantastic, the lighting design was so creative and brilliant, the use of practical effects and costumes to tell the story was genius, the MUSIC was orgasmic. Those harmonies were so tight!!! The lyrics and script were clever and self-aware and brought this bizarre story to life in exactly the right way. This was perfect. I haven’t been this happy while watching a show in a long time.

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