yoni sisters · Ages 16+ · United States of America

Content Warning world premiere
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Review by anonymous

July 19, 2023 certified reviewer

What I liked

Each person’s story was moving especially Chhaya’s poetry which was so moving with rhythm, purpose and meaning that tears came to eyes both happy ones when finding out that she is a woman when her menses started and sad when ‘no’ wasn’t enough poems. Tanya was powerful as a mom especially knowing she would give her daughters a better future. Sapna had a great dead pan humor while telling her cringeworthy truth. Sharmita stories of growing up here through the teenage years resonated with me too.
I loved how well the the supporting movement and dialogue was choreographed for the one speaking her truth! Thank you.

What I didn't like

Maybe use the word Yoni more instead of Vagina as that is what it is all about and helping audience remember the new word too.

My overall impression

Following in the #MeToo movement I was happy to see the South Asian women speaking their truth and breaking their traditional oppressed silence. I hope they felt the weight lift off by the support that was evident in the theatre and the sold out and encore response this show is receiving!

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