Resilient AF: Rising to the Occasion

Solo Show · soaring solo · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 07, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

Loved the colorful characters! And Kamakshi’s singing, humor and vulnerability all inspired me no end.

What I didn't like

For me, the only part that might be tweaked is the scene about the intake nurse? at Kaiser who was not trauma informed. Not sure about the tweak—it felt a little harsh for some reason.

My overall impression

Kamakshi’s performance was a tour de force. She skillfully transitioned from character to character, never missing a beat, interweaving her uplifting singing and movement to perfectly compliment the storyline.
Her topic is raw and she masterfully demonstrates that truth and victory emerge when we become present to our deepest shame and biggest fears. Bravo Kamakshi!!!

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