Conversations with Bev...Connecting With My Better Self

Solo Show · maria fagan hassani · Ages 15+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere

Maria stares herself down in the mirror – and as usual, finds nothing but flaws. But this time she’s jolted out of her critical self-assessment by an inner voice she can always count on for clarity and guidance, Bev. Even though she passed away long ago, Bev invites herself on stage anyway. She informs Maria that together they’re going to unravel Maria’s constant, nasty, self-doubt once and for all – and she’s coming right outta that mirror to do it! The two journey back through impactful moments of Maria’s life – peeling back the layers – for better or worse or somewhere in between. Through Bev’s expert (and sometimes wacky) guidance, Maria is able to reflect on the adult she’s grown into through new eyes complete with empathy, compassion, and grace. Content Note: Disturbing material that includes sexual violence and foul language.

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