This Remains Between Us

Comedy · flat tire theatre company · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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March 17, 2023
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tagged as: great

What I liked

I thought all three actors did a great job with their roles. Sometimes mean, sometimes loud, and sometimes heartbreaking… During the whole story, I was interested in how the sisters would come to terms with their past and loss and figure out how to move forward as a group. Excellent writing and direction!

What I didn't like

I wasn’t sure what some of the sounds were (I think they were thunder storms? That didn’t seem to come from anywhere. I was also a little confused by the fact that what I thought was the end of the show wasn’t. It made sense to me and my friend as the end, so I was a little confused when the show went on.

My overall impression

I liked how this show had a lot of real humor and smack-talking between the siblings. Don’t get me wrong, these characters had been through a lot of bad things, but the story was told in a way that made it easy for the audience to accept the fact that these two sisters have been struggling run 3 for years. I loved the over-the-top comedy and found myself laughing out loud many times.

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