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NICHOLAS BUDA certified reviewer July 05, 2022
tagged as: recovery · vulnerable · open · Sensitive · Truthful · heartfelt · honest
An honest and truthful expression of recovery and an insight into the process with raw emotion.... full review
JASSA ONU certified reviewer July 05, 2022
tagged as: energetic · Engaging · moving · inspiring
This story justifies the need for patience when dealing with loved ones struggling with addiction. It is an open and honest look at some of the writer's lowest points in her journey. Though, this story was dark and heavy at times; it was necessary to truly illustrate the experience of it all. I walked in wondering how engaging could the story be with a woman and a chair. I walked out feeling like I had traveled through each moment in time with her. This story is very inspirational and supplied me with many lessons of love, compassion, and care for those who too desire their own story of recovery.... full review
ARLENE ESTRADA PETOKAS certified reviewer July 04, 2022
This performance was beyond exceptional. ... full review
ELLEN EHRLICH certified reviewer June 27, 2022
This is a very human story of the pain and guilt of addiction and the difficulty and magic of recovery. It’s a very honest portrayal, a personal story, but one that will resonate with so many of us who have witnessed the toll of addiction. Ultimately, it’s a hopeful story in which the main character draws from her own inner resources as well as her community to build her recovery. It’s a must for anyone who has ever struggled with addiction or watched someone in that struggle.... full review
ALAN EHRLICH certified reviewer June 26, 2022
Sigute Miller weaves a rich, colorful quilt comprised of sometimes disparate, difficult elements she magically brings together through the “tragic magic” of her life. Whether it’s initially learning to roll her “R’s” in order to never forget her Lithuanian roots, or later hugging an oak tree in Lithuania, or rendering the lyrical poetry of her tragically deceased brother, or embracing the assurance of an all-knowing mahatma in India, she is constantly growing, learning, changing, repairing, and ultimately accepting, what will become the totality of her life. ... full review
ANNA R HENDRICKSON certified reviewer June 26, 2022
tagged as: over the top · moving · sincere
Bravo! A sincere story of addiction and triumph that touched my heart. Thank you for bringing us into your life and reliving tearful moments. Very moving, thought provoking and entertaining. Love to see it again!... full review
ALAN-LEE JEFF certified reviewer June 26, 2022
KRIS KIMBALL certified reviewer June 26, 2022
Sigute gives a personal powerful performance. Showing us the dark side of addiction through her own journey of shame and self-abuse. More important, it’s a story of recovery, of facing the worst of oneself and overcoming that darkness to emerge on the other side a victor. Tragic Magic can bring hope to others who may be dealing with the chains of addiction. ... full review
AZO SAFO certified reviewer June 26, 2022
tagged as: Love · tribute · brother · recovery · healing · tears · emotional
A beautifully and heartbreakingly honest journey to recovery and healing. Sigute is such a captivating performer and every moment was precious. I was hanging on her every word. ... full review
GERRY FURTH-SIDES certified reviewer June 26, 2022
tagged as: candid · heartfelt
The show was a heartfelt, candid account of (alcohol) addiction and recovery. ... full review