HOT! :(

molly kirschenbaum · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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MAKENA HAMMOND certified reviewer August 26, 2021
I don’t know what to call this show (a musical, a two person show, musings while singing …?) but whaTever it is I’m a big fan! So fun! Sometimes it’s hard to keep my attention with the virtual shows but not with this one. Loved every minute!... full review
CARA LOPEZ LEE certified reviewer August 23, 2021
tagged as: daring · sharp · witty
A scathing, witty, poignant look at Hotness, the painful prices we pay when we aspire to this image, and the pressure we endure if we dare not to care about Hotness! Molly Kirschenbaum is a talent who brings the kind of soul-deep heat that lasts. And what a stirring voice. I know we’ll see more great things from this fabulous writer, musician, singer, and all-around performer. ... full review
HANNAH BERKOWITZ certified reviewer August 21, 2021
molly is a once in a generation artist!! Hot! :( is a unique portrait of a young person dealing with how to reconcile the way we are perceived and who we want to be. It’s a perfect blend of camp and heart and molly’s warm and magnetic performance ties it all together.... full review
THEODORE LEVATTER certified reviewer August 21, 2021
The show is an energetic, well choreographed cabaret act with strong original songs and tight instrumental backing. Kirschenbaum displays an amazing combination of acting, singing and movement skills as she morphs from a phony "Angeline" like character who craves nothing but fame and attention into her more vulnerable self. After a fast paced series of songs, she transitions into a searing exploration of her own sexuality and gender identity as she attempts to discover where she fits and how to navigate relationships as a young twenty-something. The show's production values seen via live stream video were quite stunning considering the low budget and improvised venue. Lighting, sound and beautifully quirky set and costuming came together... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 20, 2021
tagged as: pink · trans · Hilarious · vulnerable · Hot · wild
Super original crazy fun time! From the production design and lighting to the vulnerability and hilarity and musical talent of Molly it was just INSANELY ENTERTAINING. Thank you for putting this deliciousness on!... full review
BENJAMIN NICHOLSON certified reviewer August 20, 2021
tagged as: bass guitar · Good
Molly will make you want to hang out with them in their technicolor bedroom and enjoy the sentiments that accompany having dead relatives; the perfect mix of "!" and ":("... full review
JULIETTE LIN certified reviewer August 20, 2021
tagged as: Hot! · queer · live music · drag
Molly's presence immediately captivates you from the very beginning and keeps you entertained with their humorous and vulnerable songs. Great show!... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 19, 2021
As vulnerable and honest as it is glittery and chaotic. It was nice to giggle alone in my room to this while also somehow feeling connected through this cyber-space ... full review
SETH ANDREWS certified reviewer August 19, 2021
tagged as: musical · camp · queer · pop · funny
I loved Hot! :( Even through a livestream, Molly Kirschenbaum was able to create a captivating and intimate look at the complexities of gender in regards to today's attention economy. Somehow, their show was also comedically fresh and filled with ear worms to last a lifetime.... full review
ERICA BLUMFIELD certified reviewer August 19, 2021
I've been seeing and loving Fringe shows since the festival launched a decade ago. HOT! :( is my favorite! It entertains and enlightens. ... full review