Estrawbery Fields Forever

Solo Show · ponte las pilas co. · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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TATUM LANGTON certified reviewer August 26, 2021
tagged as: poetic · powerful · short
Such a lovely and touching tribute to her family. I wish I had seen it sooner so that I could've told people to not miss it! Estrawbery Fields Forever was one of my favorites of Fringe. Short, yet powerful and so moving. Beautifully written and performed. I was choked up by the end. ... full review
LARRY MAYORQUIN certified reviewer August 25, 2021
tagged as: #powerful #latinx
I am a mess of tears and emotions after seeing this piece. I feel seen, heard, understood, and validated. This excellent piece of art used poetry masterfully and movement in a way that perfectly captured the experiences of first gen folks. Thank you Verenice for creating this and sharing it on the stage. Congratulations!... full review
JULIETTE LIN certified reviewer August 23, 2021
Gripping from the very first spoken word piece! Verenice's rawness and authenticity radiates throughout the show as she dives into the complexities of post-grad life and the perspectives from various family members. She portrays each character with a distinct voice, with an openness and honesty that brings the audience into her world and makes us root for her happiness and self-actualization. ... full review
AZO SAFO certified reviewer August 22, 2021
Beautiful spoken word poetry and very heartfelt and emotional art. I am so glad I got to experience this show. Loved every minute of it. ... full review
ERNEST KEARNEY certified reviewer August 25, 2021
Verenice Zuniga shares with her audiences a journey. Unfortunately it is a journey less like an odyssey of personal discovery and more like the morning rush hour commute to your office on the 405. ... full review