Confessions of a Cat Lady (with a side of crazy!)

comedy · tiffany anne price · Ages 15+ · United States

one person show
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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 17, 2012
I traveled approximately 12 hours round trip to see Confessions of a Cat Lady for the 5th time yesterday! That's right I have seen this show 5 times! I don't think LOVE is a strong enough word to describe how much I enjoy this show! It is AWESOMELY HILARIOUS! I literally laughed so hard yesterday I snorted and that is pretty damn hard! She will make you laugh so hard you forget to breath! Her physical comedy of her stories matches that of Laverne and Shirley! Her show is a series of one woman SNL skit! Take that Kristen Wigg! Her stories are are so funny you might think they are a work of fiction but they are in fact true! You can't make this shit up nor would you! If you haven't seen this show I ask why the hell not? You are missing out ... full review
ELLEN WARKENTINE certified reviewer June 21, 2012
Fearless. Adorable. Honest. Hilarious. Excellence. Jesus. Oh yes and don't forget ... an inspirational call to action: Be yoself! Love this cat lady and all of her relatable and quirky confessions. Thank you for a memorable and wonderful evening. Que excelente! ...Especially the Mr. Rogers Tragic Flaw and Jesus. Go grl. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 22, 2012
Confessions of a Cat Lady (with a side of crazy) is a whole lot more than cats! Tiffany is both talented and hilarious in this hour long act that 1) doesn’t even seem that long and 2) I could watch for hours on end. Her stories range from childhood to her adult life, we can all relate to them in one way or another. Tiffany is courageous in revealing her innermost secrets, like fear of public pooping and her love for sexy Jesus! She shows the audience that it’s ok to laugh at life trips, falls, and messiness and that we all have flaws! Just as long as you don’t steal her NESS! Tiffany’s physical comedy rivals those of Lucy & Ethel and Laverne & Shirley! She pushes full speed ahead. FEARLESS! You hear that Gary Marshall! This show is THE ... full review
SANDRA PAYNE certified reviewer June 23, 2012
SO GLAD we got a chance to see this show. It's super funny! I had to get a Kleenex out because I had tears rolling down my face. Tiffany Anne Price is brave, truthful, joyful and Hilarious. Yes, with a capital H! If you need more convincing, we were sitting two rows down from Jesus and even He was laughing! So, to recap: all of the reviewers think it's a funny show and Jesus thinks it's funny, too. That's some kind of comedy. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 24, 2012
Tiffany is great and energizing in this confessional, self-deprecating monologue. The use of music throughout the performance is a powerful effect. The Crazy Cat Lady herself is very magnetic and amusing. Many, many LAUGH-OUT-LOUDS in her performance!! She is a natural entertainer and comedienne. ... full review
J MELIUS certified reviewer June 24, 2012
Fantastic show from start to finish. Solid. Must see if you're looking to laugh. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer August 27, 2012
KICK ASS. It was not only by far the best solo show I saw at Fringe, but it was perhaps the best acting I saw throughout the Fringe (and Best of Fringe) Fest. The humor was big, bold, daring, and yet it remained grounded, truthful, and never felt forced, over the top, hammy or too sitcom-y. On a technical note, I also loved the various lighting and sound cues throughout the show, as well as Tiffany's creative use of the whole stage, movement and environment work (all of which I felt were missing from some of the other solo shows I saw). A wonderfully imaginative, HILARIOUS, fearless, utterly original evening of theatre.... full review