Nature Vs.

karen wilmer-west · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by DANIEL KIM

August 11, 2021 certified reviewer

What I liked

I loved how each character was so distinct and brought so much flavor to the story. I also liked how they kept the audience on their toes and actively involved by introducing the characters one at a time and giving breadcrumbs/clues about how their society functions (very divergent-esque). I won’t spoil it, but the ending was my favorite part because it was hilarious, unexpected, and showed a deep truth of humanity.

What I didn't like

I think the volume of some of the actresses and clarity of words could help. It was a small theater however, so I caught all of it.

My overall impression

I loved the show!! My friend invited me to the premiere, and I was thoroughly entertained and would highly recommend to anyone!

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