Crude: A Completely Unauthorized Play

Drama · abacab studios · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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August 24, 2022 certified reviewer

What I liked

The actors did a great job portraying the characters and the dynamics of the band and manager. They portrayed how the rockstar lifestyle was extremely exciting, this was funny to watch. But also and downside of living this distracting life and how this affected the characters self development and ultimate downfall. The beginning with the storyteller wearing the mask added humour and thrill.

What I didn't like

Maybe there could be cut a small scene or two, for example where the band members are at the hotel playing with bb guys and sleeping with multiple women, i thought this was repetitive and didn’t add much to the play.

My overall impression

Very rock and roll, no concealing of the lifestyle the rockstars had. The play brought me back to the 80’s with the dialogue, style and American humour.

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