Crude: A Completely Unauthorized Play

Drama · abacab studios · Ages 13+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by GLEN PAVAN

June 07, 2022 certified reviewer
tagged as: #Crude #rocknroll

What I liked

Pacing was quick. Audience participation at times was light and fun. Character depth. Great soundtrack songs.

What I didn't like

Music playback could be louder for more rock feel.

My overall impression

Fun, fast-paced story of rock and roll rise to stardom in the early 80s scene, with balance between telling the public story and quiet moments offering the personal struggles and determination of the main songwriter of the band and his key relationships. Ryan Ruffing gives a deep and exciting performance as Nykii, giving a personal touch and empathy to a public figure not often regarded as a role model. Phillip-Charlie Daniell was a real standout as the band manager, as well. Great stage presence and command of the character, and his scenes with Ryan were the most powerful of the show. Looking forward to following his career and seeing him in larger and more featured roles.

The in-joke references to the band (who do not authorize this play!) are subtle and a good laugh if you know the band and their albums, but by no means necessary. The story and characters hold up on their own and having no knowledge of the actual band won’t affect the enjoyment of the production.

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