TUNGSTEN: Boy of Mars

Musicals & Operas · flat tire theatre company · Ages 17+ · United States of America

world premiere

100 years in the future humanity’s last hope is a small colony of scientists and explorers on Mars. But life in the colony is no picnic for teenage Tungsten, whose overbearing mother and lecherous father make life unbearable. Luckily for Tungsten, there’s a magical musical world of (mostly) friendly Aliens hiding just beneath the surface.

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Production Team

sarah marcum reyes *

co-director/bonnie/flat tire artistic director

brandon craw *


yuki wulan *

nishida hayashi

ian price *

alexei krovopuskov

james butler *

world maker

amanda lloyd *

creative development producer

mike reyes *

networking producer

lindsay kelly *

marketing/social media

michael massey *

production manager

shae rodriguez *

board member/co-founder

martin rodriguez *

co-director/fringe producer

sarah karnes *

princess eriyātu

katy wicker *

world maker

ben boquist *

playwright/lyricist/composer/music director

* Fringe Veteran