Losing Your Humanity (a zombie musical)

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Content Warning world premiere
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June 24, 2023 certified reviewer
tagged as: siblings · family · fun · Serio-Comedic · ensemble · LGBTQIA · musical

What I liked

I love seeing representation on stage (in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, gender identities, etc.)! That is what theatre and LIFE is about in our world! I must applaud the powerful singing chops on behalf of one very talented performer – Rachel Yoffe (someone has a very promising future ahead in musical theatre)! And while I’m dishing out the compliments, let’s hear it for the whole ZOMSEMBLE!! Their numbers were stand-outs to me for all the humor, harmonies, and messaging!

What I didn't like

I am hoping the Fringe is merely a launching pad for this ambitious show and that, if so, more choreography can be added. The nit-picky Director in me must say that a cast this size must have a space where all who are not on-stage can and should BE QUIET while others are on-stage as I heard much noise (sometimes, not intentional) coming from off-stage when scene work and singing was going on. Also, as a musical theatre junkie… I am wondering why almost every song had dialogue happening after it ended. Sometimes, for the sake of transitions, the extra dialogue just added time and exposition that deflated some of the power of the musical numbers.

My overall impression

A singing ZOMBIE musical with doses of family trauma, sibling camaraderie, and the healing power of love… does it get much better? I think not. I came into this show expecting to be uplifted and to laugh and the show did not disappoint on either level! A very talented cast and crew delivered a Fringe show worthy of it’s captivating title! I applaud the messaging in this show, how a family came together, but also had to experience real life together without sugar-coating everything. It felt REAL and REAL can be touching, sad, difficult, fun, and beautiful all at the same time! BRAVO!!!

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