Jamba Juice: The Musical

musicals and operas jingle productions · Ages 10+ · world premiere · United States of America

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June 18, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

Lots of witty lyrics. Definitely had a relatable, millennial voice that combined a sense of humor with the 20-somethings world of anxiety and desperation. The show occasionally broke the 4th wall or laughed at itself in a way that definitely worked. Frankeberger is a very likeable everyman and brought his plaintive songs home with a lot of realness and heart that made him engaging and a sympathetic character.
The female lead was sweet and likable with a melodious voice and good command of her role.

What I didn't like

Considering the Fringe limitations, this show really did a lot with a small space and absolutely minimal props. I would like to see this show move to a full production with the chance to have more detailed orchestrations and the benefit of a bigger space and more traditional theatre.

My overall impression

This is a clever and fun show. Sweet and fun songs, some big laughs, and a cute cast with high energy. Spencer Frankeberger is a talented and clever writer and performer. Frankeberger and his two partners have really hit on a fun idea with a lot of potential. I hope this trio continues to work together on other musicals in the future.

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