Dozed & Confused

solo performance · carl kozlowski stars, produced by antonio delgado and titans entertainment · Ages 12+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show world premiere

Whether recounting what it was like to fall asleep at the wheel on an LA freeway and then dodge 70+ mph traffic repeatedly as he ran for help, the time he made two-time Oscar winning actress Hilary Swank freak out thinking he died on her mid-interview when he passed out, or underwent surgery to cure his problem under the care of an anesthesiologist who was literally named Mrs. Butterworth, Carl will show you life from a perspective you’ve never likely seen before: that of the only person in Hollywood history ever to sleep their way OUT of a job. One in which he was always teetering on the edge of sleep, embarrassment and even death— and often didn’t even know it!
“Dozed and Confused: Sleeping My Way to Wherever the Hell I Am Now” is an hour of solo comedic storytelling in which veteran LA-based pro standup comic (Laugh Factory, Ice House, Comedy Store), entertainment journalist/film critic (Rotten Tomatoes approved), podcaster (named one of the 50 best in America) and real-radio host (on LA’s KRLA 870 AM) Carl Kozlowski shares his most insane misadventures with narcolepsy.

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