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Tabletop (the musical)

musicals and operas · mb stage productions, llc · Ages 12+ · family friendly · world premiere · 150 mins · United States of America

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Book and Music Chad Sundman
Book and Lyrics Race Benaglio

Runtime 2 hours and 15 minutes
there will be one 10 minute intermission

Karen runs the local game store where Eric and his friends have gathered every week for years to play their favorite tabletop roleplaying game. His childhood friends Luke (the paladin) and Valarie (the ranger), the group’s strategist and a regular tabletop game fanatic Ken (the wizard), and his little sister Sarah (the fighter) begin their next adventure in Vaelrun while Eric’s wife, Emily, who used to play the group’s druid, is pregnant and out “attending her grove”. Everything starts to change when Brandon, Valerie’s new boyfriend, joins the group. While these friends can’t seem to pull themselves away long enough to handle their real lives, Karen watches on and wishes for an escape. Tabletop explores the way we use games to disconnect from our own realities by following the weekly fantasy adventures of these five friends.

production team

jared pixler *
david evan stolworthy *
katie lynn mapel *
assoc. producer/casting
jesse fiene *
stage manager
chad sundman 
book & music
race benaglio 
book & lyrics
alexandria reddington 
assistant stage manager
amanda peterson 
ensemble / player #1 / bar patron / bandit captain - u/s sarah
bennett cousins *
ensemble / gate guard / doctor - u/s mayor
bryan ha 
ensemble / player #3
caitlynn massey 
ensemble / player #4 / barmaid / "baby" karen
deanna bakker *
lyla (performance 2 & 3) / ensemble - u/s valerie / emily / lyla
laura zenoni 
ensemble / player #2 / emily
maya flores 
ensemble / merchant #1 / lyla (performance 1)
mitchel mack 
ensemble / mayor / monk #2
natsumi matsubara 
ensemble / merchant #2 / monk #1
paul zelhart 
assistant musical director
spencer carney 
ensemble / player #5

* Fringe Veteran


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