Ascend: When Myths Fall, Heroes Rise

hidden realms · Ages 10+ · United States of America

family friendly
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June 21, 2019 certified reviewer
tagged as: fun · interactive · immersive · smart · entertaining

What I liked

The interactivity and immersivity, considering the limited budget they must have been working with, are impressive, and all of the actors really gave themselves over to the roles, with solid improvisational skills.

It was fun, it was a great group dynamic, and it was different from most other immersive/interactive theatre — somewhere between immersive theatre, escape room, locked-door mystery, LARPing, and a course in worldwide mythologies.

Also, just fun as hell.

What I didn't like

I think the only thing I’d love to see is what they could do with a bigger budget and a properly set-designed space. They did a great job with Thymele Arts, but if they had a whole space to design from the ground up, it could be truly groundbreaking in terms of a new type of entertainment.

My overall impression

Smart, entertaining, interactive as hell, and just damned fun. Three of us ranging in ages from 12 (my son) to 19 (my daughter) to 46 (me) were fully engaged for 2 hours by the storytelling, the challenges, and the overall atmosphere. Amazing what they were able to pull off in what would seem like a limited setting, but feels full and well-realized.

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