It's Personal: Los Angeles

solo performance · it's personal · Ages 16+ · United States of America

“It’s Personal” is a performance group in L.A. sharing some of the best, funniest, scariest, truthful moments on stage. They are excited to bring a group of people together to laugh, cry, and most importantly relate.

“It’s Personal” is a collection of solo performances written and performed by the cast. At our rehearsals, each performer brings pieces that reflect their individual feelings and point of views of anything; whether it be their relationship with their parents, their devoted love of cheese, their struggle with their identity, or their first love. Performers get real on stage and include an interesting activity to bring their story to life.

Our show at The Hollywood Fringe Festival will focus on stories about Los Angeles. The hardships of moving to a big city, the annoying traffic, finding love in a seemingly hopeless place, and so much more! Come connect with our performers through their storytelling.

Production Team

riley billingsley *


liz kummer *


bob guck *


* Fringe Veteran