Yes. No. Maybe.

ensemble theatre · suttle dramas · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

What would you do for a million dollars? Or to get your dream job? What would you do for someone you love? Can we ever be certain that we’ll NEVER do something like have sex for money or career advancement? Thorne & his wife Fleur find themselves in a situation similar to the Indecent Proposal scenario, but with a twist! Yes, people are being targeted by sexual predators, but what about the people who happily/consciously use sex to get ahead? “Yes. No. Maybe.” examines the moral implications of the ways in which we all prostitute ourselves to advance our careers, improve our bank balances, stay in power, keep a roof over our heads, or get whatever it is we feel we ‘need’ to survive, be happy or feel validated. We’ve all done things we regret, but what if you had a million dollars (or a career advancement) for each of those things you regret? And if you’re rich enough to buy anything, what’s more enticing than something that money can’t buy?

“Yes. No. Maybe.” is a dark sexy dramedy of manners for an adult audience unafraid to consider the possibility that their morals may not be as set in stone as they’d like to believe…

Comedy, drama and a splash of contemporary dance merge to create a unique theatrical experience.

Production Team

al lafleur *

actor - thorne ellison, lead

dee dee stephens *

actor - michelle wyllie

kelly rook daly *

actor - fleur ellison, lead

* Fringe Veteran