The Same Room

ensemble theatre · lucid dramatics · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere
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ZACHARY BERNSTEIN certified reviewer June 25, 2019
"Pierre and Sheeks do an excellent job as the two women figuring out the puzzle while they’re also seething at each other." Read the full review here: full review
MIKE REYES certified reviewer June 07, 2019
tagged as: dark · Beautiful · thriller · Love · communication · suspense
Our story begins with our two characters Thyma(Kelly Pierre) and Aspid(Sam Sheeks) simultaneously thrown into a dark, locked chamber. The only thing there to take up any space is a small table with two chairs, and the horrible, gut-wrenching realization that these two people who seem have a great deal of history with each other, are now locked in this prison together with no seemingly way out. I am hesitant to say any much more about the story, as I am a firm believer in not spoiling this production and it needing to be experienced in person for the first. I strongly encourage you to go into this play, with as little knowledge as you can. ... full review
NIKKI MULLER certified reviewer June 17, 2019
Brilliant script, excellent performances, incredible scenic miracles worked in the tiny and limited Studio space. A feminist/feminine take on Sartre's No Exit. See it if you can!... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 20, 2019
Kelly Pierre has written one of the most compelling shows of HFF19. Scott Golden has captured her intent and directed a show that is worthy of attention, praise and awards. Not only did Pierre write the play, but she appears with the amazing Fringe virgin Sam Sheeks in this outstanding two-hander. ... full review
CHRISTINE DEITNER certified reviewer June 07, 2019
Though it is clear a lot of thought and physical effort went into shaping this piece, it is a challenge to grasp what the piece is actually about, all the more so after a post bows mini-speech addressed to hoping that anyone in the audience going through the same thing will be able to take something from their experience watching the show. ... full review