Interrupted Speech

ensemble theatre · castlehill productions · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere

I wrote a thirty minute one-act play that is part fictional and part personal memoir. It explores themes revolving around sexuality, identity, struggles, love, and loss. As far as my connection to the work, for a very long time I struggled with my sexuality and how I define myself as an individual. I was very confused about who I was attracted to, and as a result, experienced anxiety and depression.

I can say with confidence that I am more comfortable with myself now. Even though I consider myself gay now, it took me a long time to accept me for me, and it is still an ongoing process. I’ve learned that sexuality operates on a fluid spectrum, and it is ok not to adhere to society’s conceptions of who we should or should not be. We all have an “otherness” that is very much a part of us, that is beautiful and should be embraced. Mine was and still is one of openness. Our “otherness” should in no way detract from the fact that we are all human.

I wanted to convey these thoughts and experiences in a stage show that would incorporate movement and stream-of-consciousness monologue, to show the fluidness of identity and emotion. The play is also a way for me to put everything on the table, “come out” if you will, as I have historically not been comfortable with who I am.

My aim is to show that negative thoughts and emotions are fleeting and very much a part of life just as positive ones are. I want this show to leave audience members thinking about how they define themselves. That it is ok to be you, because that is what makes you unique.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran