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"Life in the Middle Ages"

comedy · hero entertainment inc. · Ages 18+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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CHARLES DAYTON uncertified reviewer June 01, 2011
Bring your internist, because you're going to laugh 'till you hurt yourself! It's a great evening of theater. Go, go, go!... full review
MOOKIE BARKER uncertified reviewer June 12, 2011
"Life in the Middle Ages" by Steve Ochs is far more than another performance piece. Ochs, takes us on a ride and when you come I would suggest you fasten your seat belts. Over the period of a single hour he challenges you to go to the darkest of places with no defense other than your own sense of humor. While he speaks from his own perspective he reminds us all of our own mortality and challenges the audience to accept what many of us choose never to speak of. This work is more than just a performance piece. It is a gift from Ochs to all of us who fear our own demise and shows us that we need not fear. The jokes are hilarious and the writing is highly crafted by an obvious veteran. "Bravo", to Steve Ochs for his courage and creativity... full review
PATTI PELTON uncertified reviewer June 17, 2011
Steve, Delivers a subject matter that could be a downer with intelligence and wit. Laughter is the bet medicine. Awesome show. There isn't anyone who can't relate to this subject matter because, lets face it time is moving forward not backwards and we are all in it together. Very well written with room for improvisation because the audience talks back. Patti Pelton CSI:NY Associate Producer ... full review
JAMES SCHNEIDER uncertified reviewer May 22, 2011
Wow! I caught a workshop production late May, 2011, and was blown away. Such rich material and SO FUNNY! Great performer with a very moving story. Highly recommended.... full review
KITTY MARTINI uncertified reviewer June 01, 2011
This show is insanely funny. I'm glad I'm not old enough to wear diapers, because if I was,I'd definitely soil them laughing so hard. Steve Ochs is a great comic, visionary and all around entertaining guy who shows everyone over 40 that you can laugh about your life when it starts changing to old-er. Plenty of jokes about everything from passing around reading glasses instead of joints to ways of shaving unwanted body hair made this show really fun. ... full review
ANDREW FALK uncertified reviewer June 12, 2011
Very funny and entertaining piece that was really quite informative! The special quotes he reads at the end alone make it worth it! Really a creative piece that I am going to tell my friends about, especially the ones who always make fun of me complaining about getting old!!!... full review
MICHELLE ARMSTRONG uncertified reviewer May 30, 2011
Great show! Especially, like advertised, for the over 30 crowd. Well thought out. Well written. Very endearing. Uses different media besides main character: A narratrix, music, lighting, and wonderful visuals. Those elements blend seamlessly. What my husband and I liked the most is that it has been a week since we saw the show, and we are still talking about it. A must see!... full review
SOPHIA VENABLE uncertified reviewer June 12, 2011
I thought the show was brilliantly written and beautifully executed. It was moving and funny and meaningful. All good reasons to go to the theatre. ... full review
DAVID DOYLE uncertified reviewer June 10, 2011
Caught this on opening night. Highly recommend for anyone. Funny, insightful, moving and thought provoking. If you've hit middle age or plan to this show will relate to you.... full review