Shiva for Anne Frank

solo performance · rachel mckay steele · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 24, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

The stories… the humor… the brutal and heartfelt honesty and reflection

What I didn't like

The discovery that the piece is becoming scarily relevant is central and felt like it could be coming to early… or at least pushed back by pushing it away or trying to fight it. I am in love with how a desire to do more holocaust jokes has opened up a whole new aspect of your being and your art

My overall impression

This show is a gem. Not only did it have me laughing; it had me moved and considering my place and what I can do for those facing persecution today. Rachel shares so much of herself and so much of what we never learned about Anne Frank thanks for some major editing by her loving father. Lauren has done a wonderful job directing the production. Brava and thank you to the whole team!

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