Supportive White Parents

musicals and operas · n/a · Ages 16+ · United States of America

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June 16, 2019 certified reviewer

What I liked

THERE’S SO MANY THINGS I LIKED…..the songs, the choreography, the characters, the way they blocked it to show change of scenery and change of time. Great story, acting and directing as well as music and lyrics. Everyone has nice voices, the “White Parents” Jim and Carol (Scott Palmason and Gina D’Acciaro) especially have great voices and they are hysterical as stereotypical white parents. Joy Regullano is fantastic, full of energy and has great comedic timing; she also plays violin wonderfully! Giselle Tongi and Earl Baylon are hilarious and I love that Baylon also played guitar on some songs; Greg Smith is so funny as Garrett and played cajon for one of the songs earlier in the show. The story is great; I was totally into the whole show at all the times. So many funny moments and heartfelt moments too! Fun songs, good harmonies among the singers. And the pianist is great! Joy’s lyrics (that she wrote) are great and the music composed by The Sam & Tony Show is catchy as heck.

What I didn't like

NOTHING can be improved. I just wish it was LONGER because it was so fun!

My overall impression

What an amazing, refreshing, hilarious and fun show! PLEASE treat yourself to seeing this show. Joy Regullano is wonderful as is the rest of the cast. There are great songs – got stuck in my head after. I risked my life when after the show, in my friend’s car, I forgot to put my seatbelt on as I was still thinking and talking about the show! Great music, acting, choreography and a good story with important message overall.

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