Acid Wash Love

comedy · maitlyn pezzo, inc · Ages 15+ · United States of America

world premiere

Acid Wash Love delves into dating culture and relationships in the post #metoo world. It poses the questions so many young people are asking themselves: is seduction okay anymore? How are we supposed to behave? What if we want more than the casual hook up? In truth, is this generation capable of navigating the ideas of honesty and intimacy? The show has a tasty interactive element as well. The lead character “seduces” with her baking prowess. Each audience member receives a small box of 3 delicious homemade cookies when they enter the theater. You eat when they eat. This 45 minute show is written by the talented actor, director, playwright, teacher, Chambers Stevens. He is currently involved in multiple projects in the Fringe festival and in a local LA theater, as well as a one man show touring the country. Victoria Hoffman is a Los Angeles based actor, casting director, director, professor and producer. This exciting woman is a casting director at the Rogue Machine Theater Company. We are honored to have her involved with this project. FOR MEDIA/PRESS REVIEW TICKETS CONTACT THE PUBLICIST:
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