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A Year in Dragonfly

solo performance · austin musick · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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World Premiere is coming to Hollywood Fringe 2019

April 23, 2019

THE RAW TRUTH of the affects and healing process after a life full of Abuse.

A Year in Dragonfly is the survival story of one woman’s journey after a life of abuse that began in early childhood after being abandoned by her biological father and then raised by her pedophile Step-father. After two divorces herself, and many years of denial, it took one fatal night for her existential crisis to begin. The catalyst? Being brutally attacked by the man she so foolishly thought was her soul mate at last. Told in original spoken word and song, this is the navigation back from the darkest corners of fear, depression and shame as she learns to let go, forgive, and love herself for the very first time.

“Science has said that the Dragonfly swims as a nymph for almost a year before it begins to fly. As a woman with Native American heritage, I tattooed the symbol for the Dragonfly as a totem upon my arm the day I began my voyage to discover and fall in love with my true self."

Domestic Abus