New Kid On the Block

comedy · the actors company · Ages 10+ · United States of America

world premiere

“So clever and insightful – a great look into the homeless issue in our country, tied with the social media issue in our country. Very funny, yet also touching.” – Emily Goglia

“The acting was superb… Sometimes funny, sometimes poignant. This show hits a lot of good notes.” – Mitchell Bisschop

“Smart script, thoughtful direction and a strong cast” -Tony Czech

““New Kid on the Block” took a problem that is challenging this city and the country, and approached it with respectful humor. The cast was sharp, and at 30 minutes, it’s a great and quick Fringe show to attend.” – Matthew Gudernatch

“Clever, thought provoking and funny! Definitely go see it!” Bonnie Efrid

A hilarious 30 minute ensemble homeless comedy about a guy who live streams himself living on the street for a week and everyone in his life pulled along for the ride.

Disenchanted with his personal life and estranged from his family, Nicholas decides to vlog his attempt to live on the street for a week. There he meets Rev, a downtrodden optimist who challenges Nicholas’ views of poverty. But when events start to spin out of control, Nicholas, his family, and his subscribers are pulled into a whirlpool no one could see coming.

Funny, heartfelt, and fast paced. Starring John Patrick Daly, Jarrol Taylor, Jr., Ariana Jankovic, Vivia Armstrong, Billy McCartney, and Kian Kavousi. Running at the Other Space in the Actor’s Company.

Show dates June 2nd at 8pm, June 8th at 10pm, June 9th at 5:30pm, June 16th at 10pm, and June 23rd at 3pm. Tickets available at

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran