It's Just My Life

ensemble theatre · it's just my life productions · Ages 13+ · United States of America

IT’S JUST MY LIFE is a collection of powerfully life-affirming true stories, written and performed by the strong women who lived them. What seems extraordinary and overwhelming to us, just becomes part of the fabric of these women’s lives; the new normal. 
Conceived and directed by Kathleen Rubin, IT’S JUST MY LIFE storytellers join the chorus of women who are speaking up and speaking out against issues like workplace sexual harassment, gender injustice, domestic violence and pay inequality. IT’S JUST MY LIFE is more relevant than ever!

Each performance of IT’S JUST MY LIFE is a different collection of stories and storytellers. Come experience what audiences have raved about.

These are our stories. What’s yours?

Written and Performed by Phoebe Carter, Keli Daniels, Ali Deyer, Nadine Khouri, Mary Kincaid, Jacquelyn Levy, Gaye Lowenstein, Dawn Medina, Kelly Meyersfield, Sunita Param Olazabal, Jule Rotenberg, Kathleen Rubin, Jody Vaclav, and Shari Walker.

Audience Reviews:

“… I sat there and could hardly move… I wanted to run into the street and shout:  "You have to see this!…”
— Jan Richman Schulman

“… After… seeing these… powerful stories of struggle and hardship, and witnessing how [these women] overcame these problems with such grace, the audience member leaves with a sense of empowerment….”
— Todd Lincoln Richards

“… A reminder of how therapeutic art can be.  As a representative of the male… species I learned a lot :)) I will be back….”
— Alex Carver

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Production Team

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