Men of Blood

ensemble theatre · konglomerat · Ages 21+ · Germany

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June 23, 2018 certified reviewer
tagged as: German · poetic · romance · suicide · dramatic

What I liked

I liked their passion and commitment to the intentionally haphazard and reckless style.

What I didn't like

Either this was under-rehearsed or over-rehearsed. In either case the message of the play was muddied by the apparently impromptu choices made by the actors, perhaps to compensate for the less than intriguing, slow-moving suicidal romance plot line. The play seriously lacked a dramatic twist or moment of sensationalism to make this style pay off..

My overall impression

I’m a fan of modern romantic European philosophical theater, but usually the payoff is more rewarding. The actors and writer clearly were fully invested, but it felt very under-rehearsed – the actors stepping all over each other, their English occasionally unintelligible. Some very clumsy and slightly dangerous, under-rehearsed fight choreography really made me nervous. No surprises – minimal humor – adequate acting. Hats off to them translating the script and bringing a German show to LA, but I wonder if they could have celebrated that accomplishment less and rehearsed more.

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